Highland Park 21 Year Old

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Highland Park 21 August 2019 Release from casks laid down in 1998 and earlier. Created from 3 distinctive cask types – First fill sherry seasoned European oak casks, first fill sherry seasoned American oak casks and refill casks resulting in a perfect harmony of spice and fruit on a wave of aromatic smoke.

Tasting Notes:
Hints of freshly grated nutmeg, the warm fire of ginger and zesty notes of sun-ripened orange peel are perfectly balanced by ripe mango, sweet pear and a rich vein of creamy vanilla. Fully rounded and elegantly smooth, this whisky lingers on the palate with a subtle breath of aromatic peat smoke at the finish.

Bottle size : 700
Distillery : Highland Park
Age : 21
: 46%