Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master’s Select Limited Edition


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Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master’s Select is a limited edition blend created by adding carefully chosen Yamazaki sherry cask-aged malt whiskies to the base Hibiki Japanese Harmony blend. These sherry cask whiskies add a sweet depth and sense of woodiness to the elegant profile of the original Hibiki Japanese harmony.

This specially designed bottle depicts imagery of the sakura blossom, goshoguruma (royal carriage), and ryusuimon (stream of water), traditional Japanese symbols of prosperity and good fortune seen frequently in the Edo period. This bottle honours the artistry of Japanese culture and celebrates the harmony of Japanese nature and craftsmanship found in Hibiki.

Nose: Plum in syrup, roses, a sweet woodiness
Palate: Orange marmalade, dark chocolate, a slight bitterness
Finish: Lingering sweetness and acidity, spices and wood

Bottle size : 700
Distillery : Hibiki
Age :
: 43.00%